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Packing ring
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We also supply all kinds of Die-Formed Packing Rings as customers' requirements. They are available in almost every style of Braided Packing that we produce. Die-Formed Rings are easier to install because the size is exact. Also, Die-Formed Rings are densified, "run-in" time is greatly reduced and sealability is much better resulting in longer packing and sleeve life.

The density for the die-formed packing rings is very important. Packing rings used on pumps and mixers are medium density while valves often require high density. We make packing rings for many pump and valve companies for different materials with different density.

In 1999, a famous pump factory in the USA begun to look for Chinese supplier of packing rings. More than 20 suppliers submitted their samples and finally we were awarded the order. Since then we have been actively working with the pump and valve industries, supplying them with high quality die-formed packing rings.


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