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Oilless Self-lubricating bearing(1)
Oilless Self-lubricating bearing(1)
Oilless Self-lubricating bearing
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Product description

Oilless Self-lubricating bearing
We supply self-lubrication bearings,burring bush, thrust washer, Solid lubricants-embedded
Bearings, boundary lubrication bushing and so on more than 10 kinds with 16000 types.

These products are supplied to automobile industry, textile machinery, rubber machinery, package printing machinery, plastics machinery,

engineering machinery and so on.

We supply oilless self-lubricating bearing with two series. Metal series & Metal-Polymer series.
Metal series include:
High-strength metal as a percentage of the matrix embedded solid lubricant designed for high load low speed mining conditions.
Solid lubricants-embedded High-Strength-Brass bearing
Solid lubricants-embedded high-hardness special copper bearing
Solid lubricants-embedded Aluminum bronze bearing
Solid lubricants-embedded cast iron bearing
Solid lubricants-embedded Zinc base alloy bearing
Steel matrix self-lubricating bearings
Bronze self-lubricating bearing steel casting
Wrapped bronze bearing

Metal-Polymer series include:
Including metal substrate, copper or thermoplastic polymer layer and wear layer PTFE. PTFE is designed to completely dry friction condition. POM, PEEK, PVDF and other thermoplastic materials designed for in boundary lubrication conditions.
Composite bearing (steel backing+bronze sinter+PTFE mixture)
Bronze-Based Bush
Bearing special hydraulic
Stainless steel self-lubricating bearings
Dedicated gear pump bearings
Reciprocating Motion Bush
Composite bearing (steel backing+bronze sinter+POM mixture)
Boundary Lubricating Lead-Free Bush
Lubricating Lead-Free Bush

We can also design and produce as per client’s special request.

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