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Rubber O Ring(1)
Rubber O Ring(1)
Rubber O Ring
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Rubber O Ring

We make various rubber parts. Since 1990, we have been making o-rings. At the early stage, we make our rubbers parts for our production of mechanical seals. As our business grew, we begun to make special rubber parts to meet the requirement of customers. We work with valve and pump companies to develop new rubber parts for them. We make the molds and samples based on our knowledge and they test them in the production.

Rubber is a technical item and it is very important to select the correct material for your application. Our materials include: Fluorine rubber (FKM), Viton, Silicon rubber , NBR, HNBR, ACM/ANM, Neoprene, EPDM, Hypalon and etc. We have good connections with the leading raw material manufacturers like DuPont and Dow Corning. We can source any special rubber quickly to meet your requirement.


NITRILE NBR RUBBER - In addition to its resistance to petroleum oils and aromatic hydrocarbons, NBR is highly resistant to mineral oils, vegetable oils, and many acids. It also has good elongation properties as well as adequate resilience, tensile and compression set.


EPDM RUBBER is ideal for outdoor applications because of its excellent resistance to ozone, oxidants, and severe weather conditions. Other outstanding characteristics of EPDM RUBBER include excellent color stability, heat resistance, and dielectric qualities. EPDM offers many of the advantages of neoprene, at a lower cost.


VITON RUBBER is one of the newest and most promising members of the elastomer family, FLUOROELASTOMERS resist a wide variety of corrosive fluids at elevated temperatures while retaining their mechanical properties. Other important features of VITON include resistance to weathering, ozone, oxygen and flame... good tensile strength, resilience, low compression set. Unlike many of their counterparts

Silicon Rubber

SILICONE RUBBER is ideally suited for many automotive, appliance, electrical/electronic, and aerospace custom rubber requirements where high resistance to both high and low temperature extremes are involved.
SILICONE RUBBER costs continues to be a somewhat limiting factor where extreme temperature resistance is not essential. Unreinforced SILICONES also have lower tensile strengths than most other members of the elastomer family. SILICONE RUBBER is generally attacked by many solvents, oils, concentrated acids, dilute sodium hydroxide.


NEOPRENE RUBBER is one of the best all-purpose elastomers where resistance to ozone, sunlight, oxidation and many petroleum derivatives are of prime importance. Added advantages include good resistance to water, many chemicals... plus good resilience characteristics and tensile strength properties.


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