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Three main methods of identifying bearing faults: voice recognition, temperature recognition and lubricant status recognition


Bearings are precision low parts of mechanical equipment. How to improve the productivity of the factory? First of all, the performance of mechanical equipment must be better, and one of the relationships with the performance of mechanical equipment is the bearing. Therefore, in the production and processing of the factory, the bearings in the mechanical equipment must be well inspected. For the sake of safety, China Bearing Network has shared three main bearing fault identification methods, hoping to help everyone.

1. Voice recognition

Voice recognition requires rich experience. It must be fully trained to recognize azimuth and non-azimuth sounds. For this reason, this work should be carried out by full-time personnel as much as possible. By installing a hearing aid or soundproof rod on the housing, the sound of the bearing can be clearly heard.

2. Identification by working temperature

This method is a comparative identification method and is limited to applications with little change in working status. For this reason, continuous temperature recording must be performed. When a malfunction occurs, the temperature will not only increase, but also irregular changes will occur. This method is suitable for speech recognition methods.

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