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Three main methods of identifying bearing faults: voice recognition, temperature recognition and lubricant status recognition

Bearings are precision low parts of mechanical equipment. How to improve the productivity of the factory? First of all, the performance of mechanical equipment must be better, and one of the relationships with the performance of mechanical equipment is the bearing. Therefore, in the production and processing of the factory, the bearings in the mechanical equipment must be well inspected. For the sake of safety, China Bearing Network has shared three main bearing fault identification methods, hoping to help everyone. 1. Voice recognition Voice recognition requires rich experience. It must be fully trained to recognize azimuth and non-azimuth sounds. For this reason, this work should be carried out by full-time personnel as much as possible. By installing a hearing aid or soundproof rod on the housing, the sound of the bearing can be clearly heard. 2. Identification by working temperature This method is a comparative identification method and is limited to applications with little change in working status. For this reason, continuous temperature recording must be performed. When a malfunction occurs, the temperature will not only increase, but also irregular changes will occur. This method is suitable for speech recognition methods.

The role and use of tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings mainly bear combined radial and axial loads. The bearing capacity of the bearing depends on the raceway angle of the outer ring. The larger the angle, the greater the bearing capacity. This kind of bearing is a separate bearing. According to the number of rows of rolling elements in the bearing, it is divided into single-row, double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings. The clearance of single-row tapered roller bearings needs to be adjusted by the user during the installation process; the clearances of double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings have been provided at the factory according to user requirements, and no user adjustment is required. The inner and outer rings of tapered roller bearings have tapered rollers, and the tapered rollers are arranged between the two. The projection lines of all conical surfaces converge on the same point on the bearing axis. This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for bearings that bear complex (radial and axial) loads. The axial load capacity of the bearing is mainly determined by the contact angle α; the larger the angle α, the higher the axial load capacity. The size of the angle is represented by the calculation factor e; the greater the value of e, the greater the contact angle, and the greater the applicability of the bearing to bear the axial load.

Equipment maintenance rules

1. Equipment requirements: (1) Before operating the equipment independently, employees should participate in equipment safety operation regulations, maintenance knowledge training and obtain operation certificates before they can operate on the machine. (2) Operators should achieve "three good" and "four meetings": "Three Goods" refers to good equipment management, good equipment use, and good equipment maintenance; The "four meetings" will use equipment, maintain equipment, inspect equipment and eliminate general malfunctions. (3) "Five disciplines" for equipment operators: A. Perform fixed personnel and fixed machine operations, use equipment with operating certificates, and strictly abide by safety operating procedures; B. Always keep the equipment clean and tidy, and refuel as required to ensure reasonable lubrication; C. Observe the daily inspection and shift system; D. Management tools and accessories, don't lose them; E. If an abnormality is found, please stop immediately for inspection. If the problem cannot be solved, you should report the problem in time and cooperate with the maintenance staff to eliminate the problem.

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