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Equipment maintenance rules

1. Equipment requirements:
(1) Before operating the equipment independently, employees should participate in equipment safety operation regulations, maintenance knowledge training and obtain operation certificates before they can operate on the machine.
(2) Operators should achieve "three good" and "four meetings":
"Three Goods" refers to good equipment management, good equipment use, and good equipment maintenance;
The "four meetings" will use equipment, maintain equipment, inspect equipment and eliminate general malfunctions.
(3) "Five disciplines" for equipment operators:
A. Perform fixed personnel and fixed machine operations, use equipment with operating certificates, and strictly abide by safety operating procedures;
B. Always keep the equipment clean and tidy, and refuel as required to ensure reasonable lubrication;
C. Observe the daily inspection and shift system;
D. Management tools and accessories, don't lose them;
E. If an abnormality is found, please stop immediately for inspection. If the problem cannot be solved, you should report the problem in time and cooperate with the maintenance staff to eliminate the problem.

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