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About us

SinoSeal, is a leading manufacturer of seals and gaskets in China. We are called, by our overseas customers, the oriental JC and BGM.


The company's quality products include:

1, Mechanical seals. We adopt the latest technology from Europe and North America. We make dry gas seals (DGS) with pressure up to 23MPa. We make cartridge seals for pumps and agitators. We also make simple seals made of single spring and multi spring types.


2, Braided packing. We make from the raw material to the final products. We expand the graphite, we spin the yarn and we braid the packing. Material of the packing include graphite, PTFE, Aramid fiber, carbon fiber, synthetic fiber, ramie fiber, glass fiber, ceramic fiber, etc. Many pumps factories are using both our mechanical seals and packing rings.


3, Gaskets. We make Spiral Wound Gaskets, Kammprofile Gaskets, Metal Jacketed Gaskets, Reinforced Expanded Graphite Gaskets, Corrugated Metal Gaskets with Graphite or PTFE sealing layers. Ring Type Joint (RTJ) R, RX, BX Series made from Soft Iron, Low Carbon Steel , SS304, SS316.


4, special technical products like sic, ssic, ssic30, ceramic, carbon, Teflon encapsulated o-ring, packing extractor and many more.


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